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Types of Reports


A Move-In or Out (MIMO) report is designed to capture every square foot of the property to document a thorough "before & after" of the interior and exterior of the property. This protects the property manager, homeowner, and tenant. MIMO reports are designed to prevent and settle security deposit disputes by providing unbiased, third-party documentation showing a "point-in-time" condition of a property.

The MIMO is PROS most thorough report. Photos are taken of every part of the interior and exterior of the home leaving nothing to chance. This is a very granular report, even taking photos of open cabinets and drawers to establish cleanliness at time of move-in/out.

State and local property management code issues are checked. Appliances are documented for brand and serial numbers.


An Initial or Acquisition report is performed with a similar intent as a MIMO, albeit at a different time in the life cycle of a managed property. The goal of this report is to provide a thorough condition report of a property at the beginning of a management agreement, assuring that the new property manager is not held liable for failures of a previous management company.

This report provides value by establishing a baseline for things that might need to be attended to (i.e. code & safety issues) before a property manager is willing to bring a property into their portfolio.

Unlike a MIMO, however, this report is often not performed on a vacant house. As a result, some of the detail may be missing (open cabinets and drawers, for instance) due to accessibility and tenant privacy issues.


This report is a mid-lease review of the property to look for liability and maintenance items related to tenancy. A periodic report is typically performed at the 6-month point of a lease, while a lease-renewal report is performed just before making a decision on renewing a tenant's lease for an additional period.

This type of report is more of an "overview and issues" type of report, with less granular detail than the MIMO or Initial report types.

A periodic/lease-renewal report provides an in-depth look at the interior and exterior of a property to establish care and concern, document unreported maintenance items (water leaks, etc.), check for tenant-responsibility maintenance (i.e. smoke alarm batteries and air filters), and identify any potential insurance risks (trampolines, above ground swimming pools, grills under awnings, etc.)

Keep reading to learn more about what is covered in an OnSight PROS report!


Overview shots of the house and property are taken on all PROS report types. Roof and gutters are also photographed when viewable from ground.

Technicians look for potential drainage issues and pet evidence while walking the property. Fence lines, lawn, landscaping, screens, and swimming pools are also examined and documented.


On vacant MIMO reports photos are taken of all walls, floors, and ceilings of every interior rooms, capturing every square foot of the property

On a periodic or lease-renewal report, an overview shot is taken of every room and any additional issues are photo-documented.


Special attention is paid to kitchens in PROS reports.

Appliance visible condition and manufacturer are documented for any landlord-owned appliances.

On MIMO reports, serial numbers of appliances are also documented. In addition, cabinets and drawers are photographed both open and closed, demonstrating functionality and cleanliness before and after a tenancy.


All sink faucets are photographed with water running. Technicians open the cabinet beneath the sink and touch the pipes to feel for evidence of moisture.

An under-sink photograph is also taken to document any potential water stains, indicating the possibility of a leak.

Air Filters

Air filters are photo-documented to demonstrate condition. Technicians initial and date each air filter.

Additionally, as an additional service, technicians can change soiled, damaged, or missing air filters while on site.

Smoke Alarms

All accessible smoke alarms in a property will be tested with smoke-in-a-can to document functionality in a simulated smoke emergency. Results of the test will be documented as Pass/Fail.

Photos of the front and back of the alarm will be taken. The manufactured date will be documented from the back of the alarm.

Each room will be checked for smoke alarms, documenting code compliance for placement of smoke alarms on the property.

As an additional service, 9V batteries, wired, and wireless smoke alarms can be installed as necessary.


All doors will be checked for the presence of a doorstop. Missing or malfunctioning doorstops will be documented, along with any damage caused by the absence of a functioning doorstop.

As an additional service, a PROS technician can replace a missing or malfunctioning doorstop with a plastic wall plate protector while on site to cover any aesthetic damage already caused by the door knob and prevent the damage from becoming more significant.

OnSight PROS delivers thorough, photo-based reports that give you the documentation you need to effectively make decisions about the properties you manage.

Download a sample PROS report!

Sample Move-In Report

Sample Periodic Report

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