About Us

Created By Property Managers For Property Mangers

When I started managing properties in 2005, my focus was on the tasks I felt were most important - - - collecting rent, handling maintenance issues, and evicting bad tenants. When it came to routinely checking on properties and making sure tenants were not breaking their lease, I was not always the best. I soon found out that just because a tenant pays rent doesn't mean they are taking care of the place.

By 2010 I fully realized the importance of inspecting/reviewing properties. I had been given the responsibility of protecting this large investment for clients. For some, the biggest investment they owned. It was up to me to make sure there was no illegal activity, no unauthorized pets, no insurance risks and properties were up to rental property code. Keeping up with Property Reports myself was difficult and time consuming. I knew there had to be a better solution.

I searched for a company that provided this type of service but could not find one. So I trained my own team just for this purpose. We developed a system of reporting using photos and packaged it all in an easy to read PDF file. I now had a consistent way of documenting the condition of any property. We shared the reports with our owners and they loved them. It gave them peace of mind and bridged the gap of communication.

Our reports worked so well for us I knew other property managers would greatly benefit from them too. In 2011 I founded OnSight PROS as a third party solution for inspecting rental properties. As more property managers discover the value of our service we have grown to meet the demand. PROS is now a national company with a dedicated call center, scheduling division and certified inspectors.

It is extremely rewarding to offer such a valuable service to property managers. We hear stories all the time of how our reports have helped the relationship between property managers and owners. Owners say PROS reports are an invaluable way of knowing the condition of their investment. While property managers tell us our service frees them from worry and allows them to offer a higher level of service.

Our mission is to help make your business more productive with less hassle. We look forward to serving you.

- James Alderson, Founder

Covering the Cost of OnSight PROS Reports

Some property managers have come up with creative ways to get the PROS Property Report paid for. If you are interested in finding out some of those creative ways along with our company guarantee, please give us a call at your earliest convenience.