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Steel Blue Property Management

" OnSight Pros have been a lifesaver for our company and for our owners. They professionally schedule appointment and take photos, display the photos in an easy to view format, and report any findings about our properties we manage. OnSight Pros does a great job for our company and I would recommend them to others. If you are looking for a 3rd party company to represent your management firm look no further. OnSight Pros are quick, professional, and economical. They just make sense. "

Stephen D. Foster, MPM, RMP Current President Elect for NARPM
Boardwalk Real Property Management, Inc.

" We at Boardwalk Real Property Management, Inc. have been using OnSight Pros to do our property assessment surveys for a number of years. We feel that it is a great value to our property owners both in price and quality of the product produced and enables us to point out deferred maintenance items that need to be taken care of. It also provides a record of the properties condition over time by a third party. I would recommend OnSight Pros for your property assessments. "

Member Since 2010

PROS Property Reports in Houston, TX

If you own or manage investment properties in Houston, Texas you will benefit from our services. OnSight PROS inspects vacant and occupied rental properties and delivers a 25-50 page PDF report that shows you the condition of your property without you having to be there yourself. We have created a streamlined process of ordering, scheduling and delivering our reports.

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Houston Property Managers Love Our Service

Reap the rewards of our tailored solutions. You can choose how and when your properties are reported on. We offer monthly, quarterly, pre-listing, exit reports, make-ready or custom plans. Contact PROS today to see how you can benefit from our services in Houston, TX.

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